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  • 31/5/12 DWP staff magazine "Touchbase" gives more info about processing centres and telephony centres for October 2013 go-live. Click here to see a copy.


  • 24/5/12 Well, we were half right: a limited national roll-out (all regions, but only one district per region) for Universal Credit has been announced for October 2013. But the Pathfinder will go ahead in April 2013, says the DWP. Click here for details.


  • 18/5/12 A rumour: the live Universal Credit Pathfinder (scheduled for April 2013, see timeline) may be delayed until October 2013 (the official start date of Universal Credit). In other words, Universal Credit still "starts" in October 2013, as promised, but it will only be a pathfinder.


  • 27/4/12 DWP, in conjunction with the Local Government Association, publishes prospectus for local authority-led pilots. Click here to see it


  • 25/4/12 City of Edinburgh Council rumoured to be the sixth, and only Scottish, local authority to host a Demonstration Project. Click here to see the other five.


  • 16/2/11 Welfare Reform Bill published. Click here to see it. Click here for notes


  • 12/1/11  Institute for Fiscal Studies publishes its preliminary analysis of Universal Credit. Click here to see it


  • 1/1/11  Welfare Reform Bill expected this month


  • 31/12/10  Rumours persist about delay to implementation of Universal Credit Read more here


  • 13/12/10 Provisional benefits uprating for April 2011 released: typical increases are 3% but non-dependant deductions are up by 27%. Click here for paper


  • 7/12/10 LHA caps Circular released. Click here to see it


  • 30/11/10 Regulations for LHA caps laid before Parliament, with surprises (click here)


  • 26/11/10 LHA caps regulations to be laid before Parliament in next few days 


  • 22/11/10 Localism Bill details expected this week: no new 'tenancies for life'


  • 14/11/10 Banks want to keep direct-to-landlord rent payments: read more here


  • 11/11/10 The Times reports UC IT system may be delayed until 2014



    • Taper to be 65%
    • Local authorities ruled-out of administering the Universal Credit
    • For details, click here


  • 9/11/10  MPs reject Labour motion challenging the 2011 LHA cuts


     3/11/10   Universal Credit will start taking its first claims in 2013, says DWP


     3/11/10   Council Tax Benefit will not be part of the Universal Credit, says DWP
































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